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Simply start typing the name of a book you like and click on the closest match. Enter a book you You can register for free below and build your own book lists. Then you need the skills to read them like a book!I Can Read You Like a Book features a system for scanning and interpreting anyone's body language. Define read someone like a book (phrase) and get synonyms. What is read someone I know what you're thinking – I can read you like a book. Synonyms and.

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You won't be a very successful thief with that nervous demeanor—the cops will read you like a book. I can read you like a book, and I can tell that something's. I Can Read You Like A Book book. Read 41 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Are you in business, journalism, law enforcement, or med. . Who better than Anthony Browne — and one of his most personable chimps — to celebrate all the fun to be found in the world of books? Do you like books?.

You are without a doubt a book lover, and when you walk into a bookstore or any place books are available, you can't help yourself, you buy one or many.

When you get home you put them aside, often reverently, as if they were art, displaying them on a bookshelf or propping them up on your bedside table, pages ready to meet your eyes as soon as you have the moment. But you're very, very busy, and days, weeks, or months may go by before you actually crack open one of these books.

It's not for lack of trying!

I Want To Read You Like A Book

When you finally do, you will be overjoyed by all the learning and emotional depth and humor and writing quality that exists in this book that's been sitting within reach all along, and you will be amazed that you waited so long to ever open it. Delayed Onset Reader 2.

You are not a book lover. You buy books so you can show them off. If you are wealthy, you may have a mahogany-paneled library for expressly this purpose.

Since you don't waste time on books, we won't waste time discussing you, but if you ever do pick up a book and read it and love it, you can consider yourself cured. The Bookophile. More than reading, you just love books. Old ones, the way they smell, the crinkles and yellowing of the pages; new ones, the way they smell, too, the crispness, running your hands over a stack of them at the bookstore. You like books rescued from the street as much as signed first editions; you like drugstore paperbacks, you like hardcover new releases, you like it all.

You just like books.

To you, they are an object of beauty, and you would never, ever hurt them in any way. Suggested bookophile reads: Anything you can get your hands on.

God, that's gorgeous, isn't it? The Anti-Reader.

17 Books To Read If You Liked "The Fault In Our Stars"

You are the book version of the person who claims "I never watch TV! I don't even own one!

You consider blog posts too long, too, and are always penning comments that say "TLDR" to express how short something can truly be and still be meaningful. Unfortunately, you are the lady or man who doth protest too much, and you may instead have some deep insecurity about reading that led you to this book-flavorless existence.

Pick up a book—a short one, say, start small—and open it, and let your eyes just rest on it for a few quiet moments. You may find yourself changed, because a life without reading is a sad one indeed. Suggested anti-reader books: To get you started, try pop-up books, graphic novels, and comics as well as something on topics you'd normally enjoy watching on TV.

The Cross-Under.

You are a grown-up who reads Y. Your existence acknowledged after so many years, you no longer have to feel shame at your questionable reading habits but can instead bask in the admiration of book blogs and feel a part of the vanguard. You are not ruled by categories; you are a free thinker. When you were in elementary school a librarian told you a book was "Too old for you.

The Multi-Tasker. This is the nice way of saying you are a promiscuous reader, but it's not that you don't finish reads. Instead, you just have a sort of hippie reading way about you, free love or some such. You might start the day out with a few pages from one novelist, then read something entirely different on the subway, and when you come home from work, another work as well.

Your bedtime read, too, might be different, and all in all, when you count up the books, you've got quite a lot of irons in the fire all at the same time.

Do you confuse characters or plots? Do you give more attention to some books than to others? The point is, you're not ready for a book commitment just yet, and you're doing a brilliant job dating them all in the meantime.

I Want To Read You Like A Book

Suggested multi-tasking reads: Short story and essay collections, novellas. The Sleepy Bedtime Reader. Do you feel the only time you have to read is when you're about to go to sleep? You tote your book into bed with you and it's so very comfortable and the book is so deliciously good, but you cannot keep your eyes open and end up waking up with a book on your face and your light still on at 3 a.

Tell no one; if you are lucky, there is no one there to witness your shame, save the characters with whom you are becoming quite close. Suggested sleepy bedtime reads: Whatever you like, just sit in a chair—unless you like falling asleep with a book on your face. In each series too, one of the girls will have her moment and the book will focus more on what is happening to her.

Whether an instant classic or a classic that endures, both series make you feel as if you, the reader, are part of their families. Life was simpler then, it seems, with small towns filled with neighbors that looked out for each other.

For a young kid sent to Florida to live with relatives who are just scraping by, this is a good thing.

Even in sleepy towns, there is the possibility of adventure, whether it involves pirate treasure or music. Do you remember when Percy Jackson was an unknown, newly published book that you might have discovered from excited word of mouth? The Zodiac Legacy is the brainchild of Marvel Comic great Stan Lee and he combines a diverse cast of characters, superpowers revolving around the Chinese Zodiac, graphic novel illustrations, and page-turning excitement.

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My son has already asked for the sequel. Even more telling is that his friends who have read it are impatient to discuss it in great detail. I think this series is the Next Big Thing.

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She can be found in a car pool lane driving her three kids around or on Twitter , Facebook , Looking for more reading ideas for summer and beyond?You cannot hope to read body language well unless you take culture into consideration.

And also dare I say occurs very much in real life too. Greg Hartley is clearly very skilled at deciphering non-verbal communication, but his book doesn't really impart this knowledge in a simple manner. They certainly have the best adventures! Everything about this book is simple, from the pictures of the main character to the short and sweet sentences.

View 1 comment. The New Yorker's Page-Turner blog includes a book-reader coinage that got us thinking about our own reading styles. We want to hear what you think about this article. Then they welcome you with open arms like Amy did. In fact life seems to have made her quite bitter and at times she makes it hard for a reader to empathise with her because she's not always sunshine and roses to her friends.

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