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Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. I am a very theatrical person by nature. My mother sometimes calls it “being overdramatic.” My sister usually calls it. Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. Home · Confessions of a Diary of a Confessions Queen. Read more · Drama Queen in Training · Read more. Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. Home · Confessions of a Diary of a Confessions Queen · Read more · Drama Queen in Training. Read more.

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When Carla boasts that she gets VIP passes to the band's last concert and the after party, Lola says she and Ella are also going so they attempt to buy tickets but without success. Lola asks her mother if she can go who says unless she goes with her dad she can't. Lola goes on a hunger strike to try make her mother let her go which leads to disaster with weakness. Lola, unable to buy a decent dress at any second hand shop, gets Sam Creek to help her sneak the Eliza Doolittle dress for her to wear at the Sidartha concert.

Lola and Ella sneak away to New York City and try to get the last two tickets but Lola remembered she left her money in her make up kit which she left on the train. Unable to get into the concert Lola and Ella later see the singer of the Sidartha band, Stu Wolff, getting drunk as he leaves the party. Lola and Ella lead him into a restaurant to buy him coffee but Stu sneaks out by climbing out the bathroom window.

Lola and Ella then get taken to the police station where Lola tells Ella the truth about her parents and her father comes to take them and Stu back to enjoy the after party and back home afterwards. Lola and Ella return to school the next day and Lola confesses to the class that she borrowed Eliza Doolittle 's dress for the concert which surprises Mrs Baggoli then Lola is eager to boast to Carla about their antics at the afterparty, but she and Ella become humiliated when Carla succeeds in convincing everyone else they never attended by showing the photos.

Carla then convinces Mrs Baggoli to have the Pygmalion show at her mansion much to the disappointment of Lola. Ironic, isn't it? Your parents think my mother is the destroyer of our social order. She's merely a victim of fate. I like the chopsticks in your hair. Because Carla Santini thinks she's Julia Roberts and the universe is interested in everything she says, you can't help overhearing her. So I had this really long talk with Miss Baggoli yesterday about the drama club's production of "Pygmalion.

Not stick to the original? Not stick to the exquisite words of Mr. George Bernard Shaw? We're not English, and this isn't the th century, so I think we should adapt the classics to reflect our times.

They're classics because they're classic. Then I told her about my idea to move the location to present-day New York and make Eliza a checkout girl. You're gonna be playing Eliza? Well, of course. I've already got the part. When I moved to Deadwood, I really felt that a legend was about to be born.

Was Carla Santini going to stand in the way of that birth? Miss Baggoli, Miss Baggoli! I didn't know "Pygmalion" had already been cast. I would have loved to be Eliza Doolittle. Maybe if I could just prove it to you now. Oh, no, no, Lola. I just put the notice up on the board. Auditions are not until Friday. Thank you, Miss Baggoli. George Bernard Shaw is a great playwright. And he's also a vegetarian. You're just in time, Lola. I'm telling all the others about this idea that I have had for our production of "Pygmalion.

My idea is that we will set our production of "Pygmalion" in modern-day New York. That is such a brilliant idea. That's gonna give the play new resonance and immediacy for today. You mean it was your idea? Yes, Lola, it's my idea. I know I'm just a teacher, but I am capable of thought. Now, since we're going hip and modern, I have also added contemporary songs.

And I am calling it "Eliza Rocks"! Now, each of you will be singing a song for me of your choice, and then you'll be reading a scene for me. But I haven't rehearsed a song or anything. I'm simply not prepared. That's fine.

You can just wing it. But acting is my chosen career. I mean, I intend to be in theater. I don't want anyone remembering a substandard audition.

Then how are we to proceed? I guess I'll try, of course. Perhaps you could try now. You could go first. Take a spot on the stage. Anywhere you're comfortable.

Maybe if we're lucky, she'll fall. I'd like to sing a song by my favorite band, Sidarthur. Self-doubt didn't kick in until the morning when I woke up with a heart as cold and heavy as Mt. It was the day the cast list went up. Why had I been so certain I was going to get the lead?

Miss Baggoli didn't say anything encouraging. Carla smiled. Well, look what the wind blew in. Look what the cat dragged in. After you. After me. Well, once again, I got the part that I wanted. There are no small parts, only small actors. You can quote me. I'm your new Eliza! I didn't think I'd get it, but I did.

I didn't think that, because I knew you'd get it. No, 'cause I was Actually, my part, the one of Mrs. Higgins, is much more interesting than Eliza's in many ways. I mean, even though she's not the female lead, it's a part with depth and true contemporary resonance. It's the one that I wanted. Good, 'cause that's the one you got. I'll show you what it's like to be in my school.

Is that a threat? To "Eliza Rocks"! Oh, man. I can't imagine that Carla got beat out! Hey, Sidarthur fans, how about some big news? You heard it here first. The band is breaking up. I repeat, no more. Stu Wolff is moving on and saying, "Never, never, will I work with them again. It can't be! It just can't be! What's the matter? I can't breathe. Mom, I can't breathe. I heard. Thanks for being here at a time like this. I don't want to believe it.

I made these flyers to hand out to fans urging them to protest. As these balloons go to the heavens, so do the stars of our Sidarthur mix among the stars of our universe. Symbolically, of course. Can you believe this? One of the most catastrophic events in the history of the universe has occurred, and everyone's acting as if nothing has happened. Me again, of course. So, who's next?

Are you crazy? Carla's the all-time champion. There's gonna be a new all-time champion. I think you've peaked. Hop on. Round one. My father, who, as you know, is the lawyer for Sidarthur, just called me to tell me what he found out about the band. Oh, really? What he told me isn't available to the public yet.

Sidarthur's having a farewell concert in New York next month. Daddy already has V. I didn't think it would be. There's gonna be a party afterwards at Stu's loft for all of Sidarthur's closest friends. So I've heard. And guess who already has an invitation?

It just so happens that Ella and I do. How'd you manage that? Same way you did. Through parental connections. What connections do you have other than the phone? Me again. Game's not over yet. Round two. Actually, my mother has the connections. Marsh Warner bought a piece from her last summer.

And Marshie, as I call him, is their manager. I know who he is. He remembered I was crazy about Sidarthur, so he got us invited. Wow, your mom must be some potter. Me, Lola Steppe. Remember that name. Why did you tell Carla that we were invited to his party?

You would have done the exact same thing if you were me. I wouldn't have lied. I would have thought before I spoke. I can't even imagine being you. Carla Santini drives me insane. Don't even say that. Two of her nannies were institutionalized.

Not to worry. You just handed her exactly what she needs to ridicule you and humiliate you for the rest of your life, and me, too! I guess it depends, doesn't it? Depends on what? Well, on whether we go. To the concert? In New York? And the party.

We haven't exactly been invited. You don't have to be invited to a party like that. There are people in New York that don't go out unless it's to crash a celebrity bash.

My mother would never let me go. We can work around your mother, Ella. Tell the truth. Are you partially insane? You know, we have to go. It's a matter of pride. Is there something wrong with the salmon? No, just not very hungry. In too much pain. I'm in pain, too. My tooth's coming out. It's not that kind of pain. It's pain of the heart. Sidarthur's broken up. They're having one last concert in New York. That's it. They're done. Good night, sweet princes.

May choirs of rock angels sing you to sleep. I have no reason to live without them. Let me take a wild guess.

You want to go to the concert. If I could just see them play live. I'd have the memory to carry me through the long, empty years that lie ahead, like a road in Kansas. Okay, I don't think that kids and rock concerts are a great mix. How can you treat me like this? I was your firstborn.

You leaned over my crib to make sure I was breathing. That's why I want to keep you alive. She wouldn't even stop for the tiniest, most subatomic second to consider my fragile hopes and dreams. What did Ella's mother say? She didn't ask her. So I guess that's that.

I like your necklace. I've had it since I was. It's practically an antique. I like your boots. I like your smile. Dinner, Mary, now. I'm on a hunger strike, like Gandhi, driven to desperate measures by the insensitivity of the British government. Not one morsel will pass my lips until you say I can go see Sidarthur. You have got two minutes to get to this table or the insensitive British government is gonna take the door off its hinges and drag you out here.

Come in if you must.

(PDF Download) Sylvia Jean Drama Queen PDF

The thing is, the drama queen has been Gandhi for two days. Your dad wants to know if he can take you to the concert. Hi, Dad. Thanks for the invitation, but I couldn't go with my father. I'd die of shame. All right. Okay, how about this? Daddy drops you off at the concert and picks you up after. You mean like a little kid being picked up from day-care?

Is there no end to the humiliation you want to heap upon me, Mom? We're heaping humiliation. All right, tonight you are eating. Is Mary going to die? She's not gonna die. But it smells like something has died in here.

What is that smell? No allowance for one month, and then you're gonna have a parole hearing. But I could really use the money now, Mom. Can't you take it away next month or September? It's so cool. I have been looking all over for you two. I knew you'd want to see these. See, they just came in the mail. They've just been printed. Please, you're blocking my view. So, did you get yours yet? Actually, mine came in the mail yesterday, but I'm nice enough not to flaunt them. Why don't you admit you don't have tickets or an invite and get it over with?

I'm sure there's gonna be a lot of photographers there. Maybe we can even get our pictures taken together. That's a deal. And you can be in the shot, too, Ella. I'll be there. I guess. I have enough for both of us. I'm gonna pay you back the second I get my allowance reinstated. As soon as I get my first starring role, I'm taking you to Europe.

You sure we have enough? Oh, no. Wow, look who's here. I'd stay and chat, but l don't want to stay and chat. She was so mean to Callie Stevens, and her family had to move to Cleveland. Catch you at the concert Friday. That would be a good line if we were going. I don't think something as small as tickets should stop us. Scalpers, Ella. Part of the fun in going to New York is dealing with the slimeball scalpers. If we go, I just know something is gonna go wrong.

I'm gonna die, and my parents are gonna find out.

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And then Mrs. Higgins says, "And what will you do now, dear? Hey, Mom. There's gonna be a cast party at Carla "The Bad" Santini's house after the show. Everyone's gonna be really dressed up. It's my big night. I want to look absolutely perfect. Well, the car broke down today. Plus I have to buy a new kiln. So, do you think you could look absolutely perfect in something that you already own? Sure, I'll try and find something. Can you believe hours from now we'll be within touching distance from the man who wrote so many great songs, and I still haven't found something to wear?

What I needed for the concert was a drop-dead-gorgeous dress that made me look and sophisticated enough to have a perfume named after me.

This had to be really, really special. It had to be glamorous, and it had to make a statement. If I wanted Stu Wolff to notice me, that is. Might as well just wear this to see Stu.

Nothing else to wear anyway. I'm gonna be the dowdy redhead who doesn't know how to dress. Don't worry, Ella, I'll find something to wear. I mean, accessories are good, too.

They'll help me. Don't cry. I can't lie! I can't say I'm sleeping over at your house when I'm not. I can't go into New York behind my parents' backs. I can't do it.

We're not really going behind their backs. They're gonna be in the city, just not in the same venue. I'm not going. We're supposed to do things like this. No one gave them permission to do that. It's not our fault that the people who brought us into this world don't understand that we must fly away from the nest.

Nature is telling us to go. And our parents are good people. They love us. Yeah, they love us, right?

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

They really love us. I'm sure they'd hate if anything happened to us. Wait here one second, okay? It's gonna work out. We'll go, and it'll be fun.

Mom, it's amazing how sometimes I come to your conclusions. Ella and I could use, as you say, adult supervision. You drive us to the train in broad, broad daylight. Ella's parents are going to be in New York. They'd be happy to pick us up at Grand Central Station. They'll drop us off at the concert. We'll stay overnight at their hotel. Sounds so safe, I know. I can't believe it came out of my head. Okay, I'm gonna have to talk with Ella's mom and dad.

Of course, and when you do it, do it gently. And try and remember, we're in suburbia. Yeah, yeah, I know. It wouldn't hurt if you threw in that microwaves aren't that bad. Well, see, Mary feels she really must see the concert. Is that how you feel, sweetie? You must see these Sidarthur people? It's their last performance. Well, why didn't you just ask, pumpkin? I didn't know I could.

All right, your mother and l are going into the city on Thursday for a long weekend. We'll pick them up. They can stay with us at the Hilton.

Which is down the street from the concert. Well, that would be great. Oh, it's as if the heavens wanted this. Miss Baggoli, someone broke the heel.

Listen up. General announcement, everyone. Costumes are sacred. I mean, what does one wear to Stu Wolff's party? There's gonna be so many famous people there. I don't know. I just want to look hot. One wears what one usually wears to these soirees. Lola, please! Oh, my gosh! Crime has never appealed to me as a way of life. But a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. I needed Eliza's dress. You don't have to do this for me. I know you said you'd do me a favor. But this one may be too big.

Don't worry. I'll be in and out of the drama room in seconds. I know it's not like me to be unprofessional, but how can I concentrate when Sam is risking his life for me? When in hours' time I'll be standing in front of Stu Wolff?

Wait a minute. No, no. Okay, everybody, that's enough! Excuse me, please! I'm sorry. Maybe you're messing up so much because you're so excited about the concert tonight. No, I'm used to those things. Lola and Carla, do you have to talk? Opening night is in one week. I would think that we could just have one decent rehearsal by now! What I think we'll do now is we'll just breathe.

Breathe deep, and try and relax. And another one. Shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it. And you all just keep shaking and relaxing. I'm gonna get something I need out of the drama room. No, Miss Baggoli. I'll get it for you. That's all right, Lola.

What I need is locked up in the drama room. But on page of the script is where I want to look down demurely. Lola, get out of my way! Can't we just go back onto the stage? Miss Baggoli, please.

Please, just get out of -- Lola, would you please get out of my way? That's odd. Why isn't this locked?

Oh, my goodness. But I always lock this door. You probably did lock it. We have the same lock at home. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. You never know what's gonna happen. Oh, oh. Okay, nothing seems to be missing. Why would anything be missing here? Well, I have no idea, do l? You know, I just want to talk to you about my lines.

I don't know them that well. You don't know your lines? At this time, I don't even want to discuss this.

No, I'm not even gonna discuss this right now. Lola, you're just making me so nervous. Well, I need to show you something on the stage. You know what I think? I think that you've just been working so hard, entirely too hard, and that you should just really try and take the weekend off and relax, okay?

I've never really relaxed before. There's no reason I can't try. I think you should. I just think you should. Oh, my gosh. I was so terrified. I know. I was about to grab the dress when Miss Baggoli came in. Thanks for trying.

Take a look under the hood. Are you kidding me? Hurry, I don't want to miss the train.

Wait for me! I don't believe it. I don't believe you stole Eliza's dress. I didn't steal it. I borrowed it. You mean you asked if it was okay? Well, not exactly. I mean, Sam -- You got Sam to steal it for you?

Borrowed it. Sam borrowed it. It'll be back by Monday morning. I'm getting off. I can't go through with this. Ella, don't back out now. Please just let me have one night of pure joy if I'm gonna have to spend the rest of my youth behind bars. This better be one great concert. That's a given. I don't want to get near a scalper. You take the money, okay? Wow, you look beautiful.

You too, Lola. Yes, you do. Both of you. Now, the hotel is just a few blocks from the theater. I know my New York. We'll be back in the hotel room at :. You have your tickets and your money?

We have the money. We'll buy the tickets. Oh, here. We'll drop you off. I can assure you, everything is gonna be fine. It's just a quiet little concert. Okay, Ella, heads up. March forward.

Look for someone who's selling tickets. Isn't there a stall or something? They're just ordinary people doing ordinary scalping.

Watch this. You have to be strict with these people. You have to bargain and deal. How much? Can't get any better than that. We'll take them. When you get to see Stu Wolff, you don't need incidentals. It's in your makeup bag. Oh, right. What's wrong? Ella, it's not here. My makeup bag's not here. It must be. It has to be. When did you last see it? In the train. I left it behind the sink. Maybe it's karma. All we have to do is go in with a large group of people.

You mean sneak in? Sneaking would be beneath us, but I can't think of a better word for what we're about to do. I have never snuck ever. I'm terrified just being here. Stage fright. It'll pass. This is a little tricky, so just follow my lead, okay? I wonder what song they'll do. I hope they do "Love Loser. I feel like I've been waiting for this forever. Just a minute.

Can I have another look at your ticket, please? My ticket. You know, it's not here. I must have dropped it or something. No ticket, no concert. I demand to see your supervisor. You can see him outside.

Come to the door. Okay, go see Stu. Go see Stu. Go see Stu! Okay, stay there. Don't move. I'm coming in. I just have to be with my cousin. She has this rare disease that makes you gag and you can't breathe and then you die. She shouldn't be left alone.

She's alone, the one who's gagging and not breathing. I have to be with her at all times. Good plan. Maybe we should just go to the hotel. And miss the concert? Yeah, I don't think so. We're not actually at the concert. We're close. Stu Wolff's only a few yards away from us. And then he'll be at the after-party with us. Your belief system amazes me.

Ella, where are you going? Don't leave me! Come back! Ella, what are you doing? I'm going back to the hotel. So you're just gonna give up? What if everyone gave up, Ella? There'd be no America, no electricity, no TiVo. We'd all have to watch our shows at their scheduled times. If everyone gave up, we'd all be sitting in mud huts in Europe eating weeds. I didn't say stop progress.

I just said, "Go back to the hotel. Yeah, I do. Then let's go to Soho. Where in Soho?He drinks so much to numb the intensity of his feelings.

I mean, Sam -- You got Sam to steal it for you? But this one may be too big. I'll get it for you. We should tell Stu what happened first. The truth?

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