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Title Slide of Asterix in Switzerland. Download Asterix adventures in PDF (English). The complete Asterix and the Golden Sickle. ( MB) Asterix in Switzerland. ( MB). Asterix in - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online.

Asterix In Switzerland Pdf

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BOOK 8. GOSCINNY AND UDERZO. Asterix. Switzerland. ХӘБІ. HODDER DARGAUD ASTERIX! OBELIX! I AM GOING TO CONFER. AN HONOUR ON YOU. The Complete Guide To · Asterix the · Asterix and the Golden Asterix in Asterix in Switzerland is the sixteenth volume of the Asterix comic book series, by René Goscinny (stories) and Albert Uderzo (illustrations). It was originally.


Unfortunately, they run into another Roman patrol, which spots the helmet Asterix is carrying and mistakes them for Goths who are wanted for assaulting Roman border guards. Obelix and Asterix easily defeat the Romans, but the Roman general is informed of the incident and sends out pictures of Asterix and Obelix with a reward for their capture.

Asterix has the bright idea of disguising himself and Obelix as Romans and ambush two legionaries, stealing their armor and weapons and leaving them tied up and gagged. Two other legionaries, searching for the Goths, come across our heroes, in which Obelix's laughter almost blows his and Asterix's cover, although the legionaries think their fellow comrades' hair and whiskers are suspicious.

Later, the two legionaries spot the two tied-up Romans and mistake them for Asterix and Obelix, taking them to the general's tent. When the captives are ungagged, however, the full story comes out, and the Romans promptly begin capturing each other left and right, believing each other to be Goths, much to the disappoinment of the General. Asterix and Obelix, back in Gaulish clothing, are completely untouched. The Goths cross the Roman Empire's border back into Germania, stunning a young legionary whose eagerness to report an invasion becomes a running gag.

They present the druid first to a customs officer, who at first refuses to let them through on charges of importing foreign goods. Meanwhile, Asterix and Obelix also stun the young legionary and enter the Gothic lands. While running into a Gothic border patrol, Obelix stupidly uses the cover up names he and Asterix used for their Roman disguises, making the patrol think our heroes are Romans.

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After Asterix and Obelix beat up the patrol, they disguise themselves as Goths, infiltrating their barracks as members of the army. Eventually, the Goths present Getafix to their Gothic chieftain, Metric, calls in a Gaulish-Gothic translator, Rhetoric, who is threatened to be executed if he does not convince Getafix to cooperate and brew magic potion.

Although Getafix flatly refuses, Rhetoric lies and says that he is agreed, but buys a week of time. Asterix and Obelix escape from the Gothic army, but are soon captured again by the Goths and thrown in jail along with Rhetoric, who was also trying to flee.

Although they are thrown in prison, Obelix easily breaks the door another running gag and they flee, taking Rhetoric with them as a hostage. Rhetoric accidentally reveals that he can speak Gaulish, and when he refuses to spill the beans, Asterix allows Obelix to threaten to bash him, which makes Rhetoric immediately talk.

While trying to sneak into the Gothic town, Rhetoric screams and attracts a patrol. Although Asterix and Obelix beat up the patrol, they surrender to the last standing man. The Gauls are brought before Metric. Getafix reveals that he can actually speak Gothic and informs Metric that Rhetoric had been deceiving him. Once again, he is thrown in jail with the Gauls. Asterix, Obelix and Getafix devise a scheme in which many Goths are given magic potion, so that they spend time and energy fighting each other for Chieftainship instead of invading Gaul and Rome, which they figure Rhetoric may play a part in.

Under the pretext of cooking a last Gaulish soup, Getafix gives the jailer a list of ingredients and brews the potion when he acquires them. During the public execution, Rhetoric asks to go first. Full of magic potion, he resists all attempts to torture, and beats up Metric, throwing him in jail and making himself Chieftain of the Goths. The Gauls visit Metric in his prison, and give him magic potion.

As the two Chieftains had the same magic potion in them, a direct fight proves futile and each storms off, promising to raise an army. Meanwhile, the Gauls wander around the town, giving potion to any Goth who looks browbeaten and who would be glad of a chance of power their first two candidates being Electric, who is poor and has to sweep up streets, and Euphoric, who is being bossed about by his dictator like wife.

Asterix and the Golden Sickle. Asterix and the Goths.

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Asterix the Gladiator. Asterix and the Banquet. Asterix and Cleopatra. Asterix and the Big Fight. Asterix in Britain. Asterix and the Normans.

Asterix the Legionary. Asterix and the Chieftain's Shield.

Asterix at the Olympic Games. Asterix and the Cauldron.

Asterix complete set

Asterix in Spain. Asterix and the Roman Agent. Asterix in Switzerland.

The Mansions of the Gods. Asterix and the Laurel Wreath. Asterix and the Soothsayer. Asterix in Corsica. Asterix and Caesar's Gift.

Asterix and the Great Crossing. Obelix and Co.

Asterix in Belgium. Asterix and the Great Divide.Asterix and the Class Act On the next page, the barrel has disappeared. Unaware that the Goth band is hiding nearby, the druids begin their conference. Asterix and the Chieftain's Shield.

Information Posted in Asterix Comics This post has no comments yet. Asterix and the Magic Carpet. Instead, the now-healthy Sinusitus marches out of Getafix's house, and empowered by the druid's magic potion, punches Flavus into the sky, announcing that he will now expose the corruption and sentence Flavus and Odus to their fate in the Circus in Rome.

Asterix and the Mansions of the Gods Are you sure you want to Yes No. The complete 36 official albums.

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