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Independent Lodge of Theosophists - www. Page 2. Independent Lodge of Theosophists www. I. Is LOVE AN ART? II. THE THEORY OF LOVE. 7. 1. Love, the Answer to the Problem of. Human Existence. 2. Love Between Parent and Child. 3. The Objects of. World Perspectives ix Foreword xix Is Love an Art? 1 The Theory of Love 7 1. Love, the Answer to the Problem of > Human Existence 2. Love Between Parent.

Art Of Loving Pdf

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The Art of Loving - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. "The Art of Loving" by Eric Fromm. Read The Art of Loving PDF - by Erich Fromm Harper Perennial Modern Classics | The fiftieth Anniversary Edition of the groundbreaking. I have always felt that one of the most important books of the 20th century was. The Art of Loving by the American psychologist Erich Fromm. The theme of this.

This unique program was originally developed under a U.

The Art of Loving

Health and Human Services grant to combat the burgeoning rate of teenage pregnancy. Research backed, developmentally appropriate advice about how boys and girls mature differently and how to integrate their perspectives into discussions.

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Suggestions about how to use the text as a sex education supplement if desired. Advice about how to use the program in a fatherhood education context if desired, or as a point of departure for expanded discussions about families and fatherhood — the challenges, responsibilities, and rewards.

Field tested hints and suggestions for implementation from experienced teachers. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. One of the most important books one can read, in my view. So much that I had always felt and believed about love was documented clearly and elegantly by Eric Fromm.

It's amusing how one doesn't really know the ramifications, or at times even the exact substance, of their own thoughts until someone wiser than one's self puts words to these thoughts. The Art of Loving isn't a personality check list collection, relationship advice book, or a how to win friends and influence people guide Said another way, this book talks about the real deal.

Ars Amatoria; or, The Art Of Love by Ovid

In an age of divorce, distilled stupidity, victim mentality, and selfishness beyond comprehension this is exactly the sort of material we need to familiarize ourselves with. I can't recommend this book enough!

I read this when I was 14, and now I'm I was lucky enough to meet Erich Fromm when I was I wasn't expecting to meet him, but he was being interviewed on a talk show where my friends were playing the musical entertainment. He was an adorable elderly German gentleman, I was thrilled to be a le to tell him how much this book meant to me when I read it.

And now, I'm going to be able to read it again!! From this end of the life span!

I highly recommend this book and Fromm's other books as well Published in , the entirety of this work postulates love as an art, one which requires practice and for it to be successful a certain degree of attained maturity.

As an art it requires knowledge and effort. Also of notable difficulty are Fromm's concern with machination, automation and the anologies he draws from the capitalistic market unto man. It's easy to see how the two correlate, and I do feel it's an apt description, but I could also see how people unobservant to how our society functions might miss the parallels. Something we all need to remain cognizant of and practice daily.

In popular cultural belief being lovable means an admixture between being popular and having sex appeal.

But because love requires a mastery of theory and then mastery of practice it takes much work and resultantly, many failures. The third part of love, after theory and practice, is that it must be a matter of utmost concern. It requires devotion to order its success as an art. Object vs. Because of this love is treated the same as commodities on the market - buying into the best available option, then upgrading when the time is right.

Prerequisites of maintaining love are a capacity to love one's neighbor, true humility, courage, faith and discipline. To these are the important practicable concepts of care, responsibility, respect and knowledge. Love is one path which can be utilized to know thyself, to know some of the secrets of the individual and thereby the secrets of humankind.

At the end of section one Fromm takes a shot at Freud for being too shallow, and for not investigating the occurrence of sexual-polarity present in both genders.

Fromm covers: Love between parent and child - key to this notion are the ideas that a mother's love is unconditional and cannot be earned, if it need be earned then it is already gone. A child is loved because they are, because they exist, not because of any potentiality. This is part of a child's development until about the age of 10, at which point they transition to practice loving instead of just being loved.

The Art of Loving

Brotherly love - love that is given to the whole of mankind, for we are all in this struggle together. For most the intimacy remains only in sexual contact. Self-love - This is not to be confused with egoism or narcissism. To adequately love anybody, we must also and foremost love ourselves.

Fromm himself postulates that God is a non-interventionalist, and that most mature people would see it this way. He also delves into the paradoxical logic of being and not being at the same instance, an impossibility using rational, stereotypical logic. In our Western culture, belief in God is a thought process, much less an action process. Section III: The Disintegration of Love in the Western Society Further elaborates upon the notion of love as a commodity which can be exchanged and traded much like current market trends.

Fromm also touches upon the general disconcertion people have toward being alone, but failing to realize that from this place, only, can they truly love another person. Disipline, concentration and patience and a great sense of humility are necessary here, as in love with all mankind.

Most importantly all of this practice requires faith.

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Published in: Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Be the first to like this. No Downloads. Views Total views.A child is loved because they are, because they exist, not because of any potentiality. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? According to Fromm, loving oneself is quite different from arrogance, conceit or egocentrism.

Customer images. You are on page 1of Search inside document — At the end of section one Fromm takes a shot at Freud for being too shallow, and for not investigating the occurrence of sexual-polarity present in both genders.

The Art of Loving by Eric Fromm. Published in: Views Total views. You can change your ad preferences anytime.

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