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This category contains Ace Attorney artbooks. The Art of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies - · Gyakuten Saiban 6 Official Visual Book · The Art of. If you're owned other art books published by Udon Entertainment, you'll find the construction of this book similar. This time, the cover comes with a nice texture. The Art of Gyakuten Saiban (Ace Attorney) Art Book By Capcom [Capcom] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Japanese text.

Ace Attorney Art Book

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Uploaded by: MILDA The Art of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies ( ): Capcom, Caleb D. Cook: Books. If you're owned other art books published by Udon Entertainment, you'll find the construction of this book similar. This time, the cover comes. The Art of Phoenix Wright book. Read 3 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Objection! Phoenix Wright is back! After a hiatus as the l.

It is revealed that Dee Vasquez, the show's producer, committed the murder in self-defense after Hammer tried to kill her and frame Powers for her death. After relenting for Phoenix's help after an initial refusal, Wright faces Edgeworth's mentor Manfred von Karma, who has appointed himself as special prosecutor. Years earlier, Edgeworth's father Gregory ruined Von Karma's spotless record when he convinced a judge to penalize Karma for misconduct.

Unable to deal with such a blemish on his legacy, Karma murdered Gregory in cold blood, leaving Miles to believe he himself was responsible. After Karma suffers a breakdown in court and confesses to the cover-up, Edgeworth is set free. Following the trial, Phoenix explains that Edgeworth motivated him to become an attorney after he was accused of stealing money from Edgeworth.

In the past, Edgeworth persuaded his teacher not to punish Phoenix. However, Edgeworth decided to become Karma's pupil following his father's murder after being motivated by his hatred of criminals. After the case, it was revealed that Larry was the true culprit of the theft. Nevertheless, Edgeworth decides to rethink whether or not he should resume his previous duties.

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Meanwhile, Maya announces that she will be returning to her home village to finish her spirit medium training. In a fifth and final case added for the Nintendo DS and subsequent releases, Phoenix is hired by teenager Ema Skye to defend her sister Lana, the head of the prosecutor's office.


Skye is accused of murdering detective Bruce Goodman, who was found in the trunk of Edgeworth's car. Together with Ema, Phoenix traces the origins of the murder to an incident two years prior, when a serial killer allegedly murdered Edgeworth's predecessor while trying to escape custody. Damon Gant, a senior police captain, accidentally admits that he framed Ema for the murder in order to manipulate Lana to do his bidding.

Though Lana is cleared of murder charges, she agrees to resign her post to face judgement for protecting Gant.

With Ema being sent to Europe to continue training as a forensic investigator, Phoenix looks forward to continuing his career defending the innocent. Development[ edit ] The game was written and directed by Shu Takumi. It took a team of seven people ten months to develop Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

Takumi had originally joined Capcom wanting to make mystery and adventure games and felt this was a big chance to make his mark as a creator.

Takumi used his privilege as the director to cast himself as Phoenix, however, while Sugimori voiced von Karma and Iwamoto voiced Edgeworth. As the lawyer who is assigned to his case is useless, Phoenix takes up his own defense. One staff member suggested that Phoenix should be a hamster; while this didn't happen, this early version of Phoenix did have a pet hamster.

Takumi soon realized that finding and taking apart contradictions was not related to detective work. He felt the main setting of the game should be courtrooms. At one point the game was in danger of being cancelled when two staff members left the company, but Takumi's division leader and Inaba enlisted a member of the Resident Evil development team to help them part-time.

He was also inspired by stories from another Japanese author, Shinichi Hoshi , stating that he was pursuing his "element of surprise and unexpectedness.


He said the biggest challenge with this is making the gameplay and story work together. The goal is to make the player feel they have driven the story forward themselves, with their own choices, even though the game is linear. The first episode was the most important, to make sure the player likes the game; the second episode was the second most important, to solidify the player's interest, and the finale was the third most important. Then characters were designed based on the scenarios, and Takumi adjusted the dialogue as needed to make sure it fit the designs.

The Art of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies

Takumi drew rough sketches of them and also drew the storyboards for the episodes' openings, [18] which consisted of a series of detailed drawings showing what is happening. The development team decided because of its length, among other factors, it did not work well easing players into the game. As a result, he wrote a shorter episode, "The First Turnabout", which was used as the game's first episode.

He wanted players to focus on the thrill of "nailing the culprit", especially for the first episode. For this reason, the culprit in the first episode is shown in its opening.

This was the most direct way Takumi could think of doing it. Takumi said it was a challenge to write the episode. In addition to keeping it short, he had to set up the world of Ace Attorney and the types of characters players would meet.

In it, Takumi tried to portray an intensively strong friendship between Phoenix and Edgeworth. He did wonder if that was what people got from it, saying that some people interpreted the bond between Phoenix and Edgeworth as "intensively passionate". Because of these two episodes, Takumi considered Edgeworth to be the game's protagonist in a way.

The classroom trial in the game's fourth episode is based on real events: when Takumi was in second grade, he had found a 5 yen coin and put it in his pocket; his teacher accused him of stealing it from another student and made him apologize to her.

He said Phoenix is himself in everything but name, with dialogue similar to what Takumi would have said in each situation in the games. He attributed this to being a first-time writer who did not think about developing characterization before writing the story. His character and personality just "fell into place" after Takumi decided the character would end his sentences with "pal".

Other aspects of the character came about organically as he wrote the story. Bestselling Series.

The Art of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies

Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Art History: Manga Graphic Novels: The Art of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Throughout Capcom's Ace Attorney game series, hot-shot defense lawyer Phoenix Wright has proven he has the wildest cross-examination skills in town!

Now fans of the popular Nintendo DS series can also get their hands on the ultimate Ace Attorney art archive. Ace Attorney is packed with character designs, game covers, and promotional artwork from all three Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney games.

Also included is artwork from Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, featuring Phoenix Wright's upstart successor.This edition is the complete, translated version of the orig Okay, my first Udon artbook was the Persona 4 one and I know for a fact that they took out a lot of the original pages from the Japanese.

Never fear, the Udon people have translated that for you as well.

In gratitude, Maya becomes Phoenix's assistant. This became an issue in later games, where the Japanese setting was more obvious. See all Vanessa Huang marked it as to-read Jul 03,

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